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Nate Simon

Director of Web Development & Photographer

Personal Information

August 26th
Orange County/Los Angeles, CA

My name is Nate, I recently relocated to Southern California from Boston, Massachusetts. I lived in Boston for about eight years working with a ray of different types of companies. I have contracted with Banks and Fortune 500 companies as well as local businesses and clothing companies. In 2012 I was working in Travel Industry for a National Travel comany as their Content Maintainance Manager. I worked there for three years. In 2014 I was hired as the Lead Web Designer & Developer for a Boston based Non-For-Profit Real Estate Company. I have been working with them for the last four years.

I am also an Photographer. I have worked as a event photographer shooting weddings and social events. I have also worked with several Boston based clothing companies. In my free time I like to take photos of landscapes, cityscapes and long exposures. I am also a member of Instagram Boston and Instagram St. Pete, FL.

Photography & Web Design

As a Web Developer I like to create something that I can call my own. Putting my own twist on it, but leaving the foundation of the company I work for. Understanding my clients, knowing what their wants and needs are something that I strive for. Making sure communication is clear and their happy with their final product.

I would consider my still as minimalist with an appropriate ratio between content and photos. I like clean lines, big bold images and fonts with subtle hints of thinking out side the box so both the clients and their customers will say this is really easy to navigate.

I started taking photos as a hobby about four years ago. The more photos I took to more interested I got interested by the process. After a while I bought a camera and started to take it more seriously. Once I started to understand the process of from start to finish it became more than a hobby. It started to become something I wanted to persue as a side business.

I have had the opportunity to progress in my skill level by becoming members with a couple instagram groups as well as being hired to shoot some private events and networking events. I have also worked with a couple small clothing companies in Boston to help shoot their product line.

In my free time I like to explore new places and take photos of interesting architecture, cityscapes and nautre. My main concentration is long exposures. The contrast between the lights and the dark backgrounds is always something I have been intrigued in. I want to continue to progress in long exposure photography.

I would like to start doing more serious photoshoots with models and of products. I have alwasy been very interested in portraits and lighting. Even though I started off with shooting events, I still am very much interested in focusing my skill level in the direction of models and portraits.

I am always open to collaborating with models and photographers about shoots or ideas and concepts. The more I can discuss my experiences with other photographers the more I enjoy doing what I do.

If you are interested in working with me or hiring me for an event please reach out. I would love to work with creative minds and open to all types of shoots.

Why Choose Me?

It will be the best decision

Clean Design

Creating a clean and simple designs is priority. Mininalism design is can be challenge, but I like a challenge. Complementary colors is a must. Impressive and effective concepts. Being able to listen to my clients and understand their product is at the heighest of my priorieties. Being able to translate their thoughts and ideas and put them into code is always a satifying experience. Seeing my clients happy with the end result makes all the long nights early mornings worth it.


Working independently can be a struggle at times, but borking with a team is always better than doing it alone. Being able to collaborate with thoughts and process can make a project go that much smoother. I have always loved colloborating on projects and seeing how it comes out in the ened.


I love to play soccer. I have been playing soccer since I was about five years old. I played all the way up until high school. I was able to use my talent to help me go to college and play in college.

Soccer has given me so many great life lessons. I will always use those lessons later in life, but I do owe a great deal to my deditcation to the sport and the opportuniites it has given to me.