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Nate Simon

Director of Web Development & Photographer

Personal Information

Orange County/Los Angeles, CA & Boston Massachusetts

My name is Nate, I am a Photographer & Web Developer who has lived in Boston, Massachusetts and Orange County, California. I lived in Boston for about eight years and in Orange County for the past year. For the past four years, I have been the Director of Web Development for the Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB). I have experience working both in-house, as well as remotely. Prior to GBREB, I worked for two and half years as Web Content Maintenance Manager for a travel company.

As an event photographer, I have shot corporate events, social events, and headshots. I have also done wedding photography and a couple fashion shoots.

Web Design, Development & Career Goals

As a Web Developer I strive to create a website that is visually striking and easy to navigate. I believe there should be a balanced ratio between written content, graphics, and photography. My style is on the minimalist side with clean lines, bold images, and font choices suited to the company’s brand or product. Clear communication with my clients is critical to successful web development. I work to create a collaborative partnership that ensures clients are happy with the final product.

Over the past four years, my interest in photography has grown from a hobby to a true passion. I am intrigued with the impact of contrasting light and the dark backgrounds. I am currently working on mastering long exposure photography. The subjects I am drawn to include unusual architecture, cityscapes, and nature. I am a member of Instagram Boston, Instagram New Hampshire, and Instagram St. Petersburg, Florida and have had my photos featured on each of their websites.

As a freelance photographer, I have worked with Boston clothing companies to shot their product lines and have done event photography for both corporate and private clients. I am interested in pursuing additional work in portrait photography.

I would like to start doing more serious photoshoots with products, fashion and commissioned long exposures. I have always been very interested in portraits and lighting. Even though I start off by shooting landscapes and city life, I would like to fall into the fashion and become known as a portrait or modeling photographer.

I am always open to collaborating with models and other photographers about shoots or ideas and concepts. The more I can discuss my experiences with other photographers the more I enjoy doing what I do.

If you are interested in working with me or hiring me for an event please reach out. I would love to work with creative minds and open to all types of shoots.

Why Choose Me?

It will be the best decision

Clean Design

Creating clean and simple designs is a priority. Having a minimalist approach to design can be challenging, but I like a challenge. For me complementary colors are a must. A critical part of the design process is listening to clients and understanding their product. Being able to translate clients’ ideas and put them into code is always a satisfying experience. Seeing clients happy with the end result makes all the long nights and early mornings worth it.


I have always loved collaborating on projects. I like sharing ideas and working together to find creative solutions. I find working as a team more satisfying than a solo approach. Being able to collaborate not only makes a project go that much smoother, it also leads to a better final product. I really love seeing how it all comes together at the end.

Career Goals

As a designer and a web developer, I am always working to become better at what I do. The same goes for my photography. My goal is to be able to work on projects that utilize my design, web development, and photography skills. I want to continue to learn and grow as an individual and to use my creativity for great work. This includes opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and clients who also strive for excellence.