Growing up

I grew up in New Hampshire and played competitive soccer. I went to college in St. Petersburg, FL and also played four years of coligate soccer.

While in college, my major was visual Arts, but mainly focusing on computer and composition art. I drew and painted as a minor, but mainly focusing on where computer art was going. During my junior year, I found out about website design and coding and thats where my passiong for designing and developing websites developed

After college, I moved to Boston to further my passion for web design and went back to school for a year and focusing on my craft.


Professional Career

I started contracting in the summer of 2008. During my contracting career I have worked with multiple types of companies from big name investment companies to start ups and non-for-profits. Each position, I was able to work with great people and build upon my experiences.

In winter of 2012 I left the contracting world and dove into a permenant role at a Travel company in Downtown Boston, as Lead Interactive Designer. Over the course of my two and half years working with the company, I beleive I grew within the company and was able to help project manage the Interactive Team as well as the re-design of the website.

In the Summer of 2014 I left the travel company and starting to work as the Director of Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB). As a Director I oversee GBREB and the five sub-divisions within GBREB. I maintain the whole website as well as the other divisions. I make sure all content is up to date. If we are having any technicial issues they are quickly fixed.

I am current project managing our current re-design of the site that I designed. Working with all divisions and developers on functionality, look and feel. Overseeing the entire project has been eye opening to me because not all the divisions wants and needs are the same. Making sure everyone one is taken care of has given me a better understand on how GBREB functions as a company.


Hobbies & Interest

Coming from the art community, I always took a passion in all types of art and being creative. Thinking outside the box has always been a stron characteristic of mine. Within the last four years I have took an interest in photography. It's a great way to separate myself from designing and do something else that is still creative.

I have always taken photos, but never took it seriously until the last couple of years where I have really started to focus my art standards into my photography. Always trying to improve in my technique and my composition.

Since I started taking photos, I have taken photos for several GBREB events. I have also done some product shoots for some Boston, MA based clothing companies. I am also part of several Boston based photography groups as well.

  • Way Up

    Boston Cityscape shoot
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • he nightmare before Christmas

    Christmas Eve Shot
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • Discovering San Diego's hidden gems

    Trip to San Diego
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • Inspiration is found everywhere

    Subway Shoot
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • Run through the Six

    San Franscisco Half Marathon Shoot
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • Posted

    Candid Shot
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • Tunnel Vision

    Candid Subway Shot
    Taken with Canon DLSR

  • Fall in South End

    Candid Shot in South End
    Taken with Canon DLSR


What I do best

Clean Design

Creating a clean and simple designs is priority. Mininalism design is can be challenge, but I like a challenge. Complementary colors is a must. Impressive and effective concepts.


Trying to find a moment out of every day life. Candid's have the best emmotion. Cityscapes and city life is always unique to me, which makes every photo I take beautiful.


Working with a team is always better than doing it alone. Being able to collaborate with great people and minds can make a project go from good to fantastic.


Doing something I am very passionate about is always key in a project. Always trying to build upon my previous project. Trying to give all my effort into a project and having clients impressed is the best end result.


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